Machine Shop Services

We perform machine shop services for our clients. Since our inception in 1922, we have helped our clients with a variety of machining services.

Our current machining capabilities include:

  • Up to 108 inch OD by 4 feet tall on boring mill
  • Lathe: 64 inch diameter over ways 48 inch over carriage by 30 feet long.
  • VTL’s up to 60 inches diameter by 44 inches tall
  • Engine lathes 24 inch over ways 18 inch over carriage by 12 feet long
  • CNC milling 18 inches wide by 30 inches long.
  • 60-inch lathe with 28-foot bed
  • 600 ton press
  • 24-inch CNC lathe
  • 2-axis CNC mill
  • 4-foot radial drill press
  • Morrison key setter up to 1.25′ x 9″ x 24″ diameter

Our nearly 100 years of experience can assist you with just about any machining need.

Please call and let us help you with your requirements.